South African man and woman laughing gleefully as they leave with items looted from a foreigner's shop (Photo)

2 weeks ago | | South Africa

The so called xenophobic attacks in South Africa is taken an ugly turn as people are capitalizing on the escalating situation to steal and hurd goods belonging to foreigners in the country.

It is clear that some people always take advantage of riot senses to make wealth for themself and their families.

This exactly is the heartless work of a man and woman believed to be South Africans catch on camera gleefully laughing their way home in a joyous mood with items believed to be looted from a supper market belonging to some foreigners.

South Africa for some years now have gotten the notoriety of severe Xenophobic attacks.

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Information from Ghana's Embassy in South Africa States has it that no Ghanaian have been attacked as a result of the Xenophobic attack except a reported case of bag snatching.


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