Meet beautiful woman who sells food in a wheel barrow although she’s a lawyer’s wife & graduate (Photos)

1 month ago | | Ghana
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A hardworking beautiful wife of a lawyer, who took a bold step by selling food on a wheelbarrow to make a living due to unemployment after graduating from the university.

Sharing her story on IG, she wrote;

Hello, this is meI sell food on a wheelbarrow, yes I went to school, a mother, married to a lawyer, but some will say y r u doing this? Some even said u r beautiful to be selling food in a wheelbarrow? I laughed, see when God want to bless you he takes you out of yourself comfort zone, am not ashamed of my hustle, I got praises likewise criticised for my hustle.

The first time I took my wheelbarrow I almost went back, I was ashamed @ first, what will my friends and family say chai, but then I encouraged myself if I go broke now some of my friends and family will desert me, so to hell with what people will say, that day I sold all my food by 1 pm and mad a profit of 3k my capital being 5k chai I wan craze, that devil is lier. To cut the long story short under 2 months I made 150k as profit, so dear friends I have seen a lady that fried akara to build a house and send her children to the university, that small business that u think you can’t do u r too big for it may be yourself stepping stone to greatness, don’t die of hunger o encouraged yourself, God bless you all and give you ideas to make wealth.

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Her testimony, what are you doing with that passion of your? Sitting and waiting for a government job? Or saying the business is not for your class? Or you are too educated?

Get up and find something doing, God will bless the works of your hands not your prayer, prayer helps your work fruitful dont mix up the two.”


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